What does AlmadenWeb do?

We do it all. We create web sites for anything and everything that families, small businesses, professionals and organizations need, and nothing they don't.

What kind of websites does AlmadenWeb create and support?

We love to support small to medium sized businesses, family websites and sports teams and community-club sites of all kinds. Our clients are the attorneys, professional offices, sales folks, political campaigns, technology companies, families, community clubs and dog lovers you all know! We host the Almaden Cabana Club, for example, including posting all of their stats and team photos.

Why do business with AlmadenWeb?

We keep it simple. We take care of it all for you from setup to maintenance. We'll secure the web site name (domain), set up the accounts, create the web pages for most websites and email accounts, test, maintain and update your website for a small flat monthly fee. You can do as little or as much as you want in order to maintain your website.

Where is AlmadenWeb located?

We're right here in San Jose's Almaden Valley, and we see our customers all the time. We don't want to spend your money on an office, but we're always available by phone or email, and can often be found about town. We respect your need for quick, efficient, no-fuss setups with an ISP, email accounts & web pages that get you on the web.

Who is AlmadenWeb?

All of our customers have come to us by word of mouth. We're a partnership created by two professionals who decided we had lots of friends who needed simple websites that they didn't have to work hard to create or maintain.

Our customers are our friends literally. We're professional, very experienced and dedicated to making our customers happy.

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Don't Have A Website?

Select a design from AlmadenWeb's website gallery and we will customize it to fit your needs!

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