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BelCoeur Labradors Quite possibly the cutest Labradors in the Pacific North-West
KeyGolde Schnauzers "Once you are owned by a Schnauzer, you can have no other breeds."
Standard Schnauzer Club of Northern California The Standard Schnauzer Club of Northern California, the Nation's oldest regional club dedicated to the Standard Schnauzer, strives to protect and advance the interest of the breed by encouraging sportsmanship among the owners, breeders and fanciers of the Standard Schnauzer.
BayRails Western Prototype Railroading
Nesbet.Com The Law Office of Barbara Nesbet
NicheStack NicheStack IPv4 is a complete TCP/IP protocol stack designed from the ground up for connected device implementations. NicheStack IPv4 combines small size, extreme portability, high performance without compromise in RFC compliance.
NicheLite The NicheLite product is the only fully featured TCP/IP stack available that requires as little as 12 KB of memory.
NicheTask NicheTask is a free software executive designed for low-cost embedded device and networked appliance developments.
SafaUnleashed.com Author Stephanie Heuer.
TCPIPStack.com InterNiche sets the standard for embedded TCP/IP connectivity with its NicheStack family of proven, portable communication stacks optimized for device applications.